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We are a NEW online literary agency, looking for NEW writers and NEW authors; NEW fiction and NEW nonfiction, NEW short fiction and NEW magazine features, and anything else NEW worth publishing.

We believe there are many as-yet-unknown authors and writers out there with good, even great, writing, but who can’t find a publisher, or a literary agent.
Our special interest is NEW radical literary fiction, as in J D Salinger, J P Donleavy, Henry Miller; and NEW literary erotica, as in Anais Nin, Emmanualle Arsan, and Colette.

Our mission is to get the work of new authors and writers, in front of publishers, and magazine editors, almost impossible today without a literary agent.

One reason almost all publishers, and most literary agents, are reluctant to look at new, unpublished, writers is the cost of wading through thousands of, often, unsuitable typescripts.

We at New Emerging Writers charge a nominal reading fee to offset this cost; currently $2.50 per 1,000 words, and run a totally electronic, paperless, virtual, office, to further reduce costs, and accept only email submissions and letters.

The above is strictly a reading fee, not a critique, or evaluation, or marketing, fee, and does not promise, or imply, agency representation.

We are online literary agents, not manuscript editors, and we do not employ, or recommend, manuscript editors.

Selling authors’ and writers’ work, to book publishers, and magazine editors, not reading fees, will, eventually, be our main source of income, 15% on advances, and royalties, on full length fiction and non-fiction, and 20% on magazine and newspaper features, and short stories, or if other literary agencies are involved.

We are an eclectic literary agency and will consider almost anything, except poetry and material for children, if it is interesting, and well written, and offer representation only to authors, and writers, who are, in our opinion, worth publishing.

We look forward to a beneficial professional relationship, growing together with our authors and writers.

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Why We Charge Reading Fees

You’ve probably read lots of warnings about literary agents who charge up-front fees, whether they are called reading, evaluation, marketing, or any other, fee.
      And, if you haven’t, you should, because it’s dangerous ground for any author and writer.
      We are doing it, at least for our first year or two, until we establish a workable client base, and start generating income from sales alone.
      We are a new, innovative, and experimental online literary agency, with no track record, no sales, or clients (but watch this space!) and need the income from reading fees to help finance this new venture, helping new emerging writers to get their work in front of book publishers and magazine editors.
      Also, our special interest: NEW radical literary fiction, and NEW literary erotica: is often difficult, and time-consuming, to sell! 
      That is our passion, our mission, our motive for forming this agency.
      One of the many reasons why a new author or writer should beware of fee-charging literary agents is the question: if the agency is earning money by charging a reading fee, why should they bother to submit your work to publishers and magazine editors?
      We offer a totally transparent literary service. 
      Although we do not offer a critique, or an evaluation, and we are not at all connected with manuscript doctors, or subsidy publishers, or give referrals to any businesses, or individuals, who are likely to charge other fees, we will provide dated and verifiable reports of publishers, and editors, to whom we submit work, and their comments, if any, to clients on request.

What We Will Do

We will always deal openly and honestly with our clients, answer questions courteously, and promptly, and will do our utmost to resolve any dispute.
      We will not use contractual loop-holes to avoid legal or moral responsibility to our clients.
      Our only contract is a virtual handshake; goodwill, honest dealing, and trust. 
      Clients can leave at any time, without notice, or explanation.
      We expect to start selling work within four to six months of start-up, and initially aim to sell five to eight full length books a year for the first three years.
      We accept only emailed material and correspondence, as we run a totally electronic, paperless, virtual office; our real office is our PC’s, on trains, planes, waiting rooms, hotel rooms, and at home. 
      We can’t guarantee to sell the work of those we represent, but we will try very hard, and we will not offer representation on any other basis than high-quality writing.

How To Submit

Email a complete story, or magazine feature, or a synopsis and the first three chapters of a full length book; or the complete MS; send a reading fee, equivalent to $2.50 per 1,000 words; contact us for payment methods.
      Tell us if the material has been previously submitted to a publisher, editor, or literary agent, and, if so, what comments, if any, were made; all other correspondence should also be sent by email.
      We expect to respond, on average, within 6 to 12 weeks, or quicker if we feel we cannot sell the material. 


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We are a totally NEW electronic Literary Agency
e-mail only please!
     This is the future ...

Write Well! Be Different!

I have found an amazing and superb young writer, in India; 17 years old, Dion, the darling of the Asian underground literary scene, and being hailed, in New Delhi and Mumbai, as the new Anais Nin.

She has recently further antagonized her critics by circulating Xerox copies of her sexually-explicit diaries, The Erotic Adventures Of A Young Girl, among her many admirers in New Delhi and Mumbai, India.

Dion started writing at the age of fourteen, inspired by American author Henry Miller and the diaries of his erstwhile lover, French writer Anais Nin, and soon attracted literary, religious and political, attention in Kathmandu, Nepal, and Mumbai, India.

The diaries contain sharp, and often vitriolic criticism, and comment, on various social ills.

Dion says “I want to break with existing literary forms, similar to Henry Miller and Anais Nin, and develop a new type of writing - a mixture of fiction, autobiography, social criticism, free association, and philosophical reflection – I call it Viderism, from Vider l’esprit, or Empty Mind’

She came to my attention when she sent me just the first paragraph of her diaries.


‘I was almost three years old when mother died; we were living in a huge house in the beautiful Kulu Valley, North India, with nine bedrooms, only five of them ready, with a wonderful view of snow-capped mountains, forests, and there were pear and apple trees in the front garden, some of them so close to the house, you could reach out from a bedroom window and pluck a pear or an apple, in season, from a tree’.

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