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Open Book, Spinning

The Erotic Adventures Of A Young Girl



The Hotel Annapurna was five star, though not up to the standard of a five star hotel in the West, it was nice, cool inside, very pleasant and comfortable, at the far end of a courtyard, or compound, with a marble fountain near the impressive front entrance.

           Coming out of the entrance, to the right, was the less grand Casino Anna, and to the left was the Coffee Shop, a good but rather expensive restaurant which served Western food.

          I wondered what the hotel would do now with all the red carpet they rolled out when the former king, or members of his family, made visits, but, then, the Maoists liked red too, so I guessed it didn’t really matter.  

          The ground floor of Casino Anna was devoted to slot machines, and the first floor was the Casino proper, with gaming tables, roulette, keno, a comfortable lounge at the back, and, on the second floor, the entertainment area, for the evening and nightly floor show.

          A Floor Supervisor, and the Manager, greeted us, and explained, for a deposit of one hundred and fifty thousand Indian rupees, three thousand six hundred dollars, minimum bets of one thousand rupees, fifteen hours play over three days, the hotel room was free, as was food, coffee, tea, soft drinks, alcohol, and cigarettes, in the Casino.

          He introduced himself as Jack Black, married to an India woman for the last twenty five years, and I was his eighteen year old daughter, Penny Black, one of three children, and my mother disliked gambling, disapproved of him taking me to Casinos, and would never, herself, set foot in such places.

          And we had a hundred thousand dollars to deposit.

          The senior staff gathered around, appearing, it seemed, magically, on hearing one hundred thousand dollars, and obviously willing, and eager, to swallow anything Jack said.

          ‘And what is your occupation, Sir?’ the Floor Supervisor asked.

          ‘Retired businessman’ he said ‘I’m seventy years old now, rich enough to go where I choose, and do what I like’

          They were all suitably impressed with that, and welcomed us, yet again, to their Casino, and hoped we’d have a very enjoyable stay, and whatever we needed, or, if there was any problem, anything at all, please inform, and we will be more than happy to assist, then the Manager, himself, took us next door, to the hotel, arranged everything with the hotel receptionist, then shook hands, and said he looked forward to seeing us in the Casino, later.        


They had given us the Regency Suite, on the second floor, where the King and the Royal Family used to stay when they visited. There were two large, luxurious, rooms, in red and gold. The bedroom had a huge bed, big enough to comfortably sleep four adults, with the best mattress, and quilts, anywhere in Nepal. The sitting room had a state-of-the-art Desk Top, a Fax machine, and a separate kitchen, fully equipped, and, now there was no King, or Royal Family, it was available to anyone willing to pay five hundred US dollars a night.

          ‘Wow!’ I said ‘All this is free?’


We were having fun, a sex game, pretending he had to force me.

          ‘Jack …’ I moaned as he held me down, took off my top, then squeezed a nipple, kissing my neck, feeling him hardening, and his hand sliding between my thigh. ‘Jack … ’ I breathed, then he forced my legs open, I was not wearing panties, kissing me, and got two fingers inside ‘Jack … ' I groaned deep in the back of my throat.      

           He pushed my legs wider, his fingers all the way in, I moaned, head back, and then gasped ‘What if somebody hears?’

          ‘Nobody can hear …’ he said, his cock hard and he pushed it all the way up ‘No ...’I said ‘No … don’t.’

          He put a hand over my mouth, and then hooked my legs with his arms, pushing them high, going deeper ‘Take it bitch… ’ he breathed ‘Take it …’.

          He was fucking me deep, and hard, going faster and then suddenly let it all go ‘Nice …’ he whispered ‘Good girl …’ he kissed me, and then withdrew, wet and dripping.

          ‘Will I get pregnant?’ I asked him.

           He was hard again, and he pressed it against my mouth.

          ‘Open up …’ he said.

           I kept my mouth closed, and turned my face away.

           He hit me, a hard, open-handed slap, across the face.

          ‘Open up you sexy little bitch …’ he said. I did, and he pushed it all the way in, almost down my throat ‘Deeper …’ he said ‘Deeper …’

          I coughed, almost choked on it, and took it all in, and then he exploded, filling my mouth, in several spasms, until he was done.

          ‘Swallow it …’ he said. 

           I shook my head.

           He hit me again, and then put his hand over my mouth.

          ‘Swallow it …’ he said ‘All of it …’

           I did, and he watched, then smiled and kissed me.

           ‘Good girl …’ he said ‘Good girl …’


The fundamental idea behind tantra Jack said is that at the moment of orgasm a tremendous energy is released.

          ‘Energy we can use to change things’ he said ‘Our idea of reality is just that, our own idea, not really objective at all. We create our own dream-reality in different ways, and form what we call the objective world according to the content of our subjective world. We’re living in a world of our own creation.

         “The mind is simply the process of thinking, and this process of thinking has developed its own dysfunctional personality we call the self, the little me. And it’s this false mind-created self that creates this illusionary world we call reality”

          ‘So, what is real?’ I asked.

          “Whatever is behind the self you’ve come to believe is you” he said “You’re asleep, and dreaming, but you believe the dream is real, and the self, the little me, is happy to keep it that way.

          “You can wake up. But the dysfunctional self, the ego, will do all it can to stop you from realizing, or even believing, you’re asleep and dreaming.

          “Look at me” he said “You see a person. When you look around. You see other persons. While you believe you are a person, you’ll see persons everywhere, when all there really is are collections of memories, desires, hopes, and fears. You see me, and them, surrounded by a world, which is just a reflection of your inner state, a world filled with a multitude of separate things, because your mind is fragmented, what you are seeing is just a mirror image of the state of your mind, and the conflict you believe is out there is simply visual images of the conflict going on in your head.

          “What is real? It has no name or form, no qualities or attributes, but is everything, and words can’t describe it, except in terms of what it isn’t, and from it emerges consciousness, and from that comes the I am, then the I am this, I am that, and creates what you believe is an objective world, separate from you, together with an equally illusionary self, or little me, that identifies itself with a past, and a future.            

          “The body, and mind, that was born, that changes, and will die, is part of the, I am this, I am that, but the real you, what, you really are, was never born, is changeless, and will never die. Not only do you create your own dream world, which nobody else can share, but constantly sustain it, moment by moment, and even create your own proofs of its objective reality’


This time, it was my turn. I was on top, riding him, head back.

          ‘Yes …’ I moaned ‘Yes …’ he went with me, holding my waist, pulling me deeper, then I slowed, let it slip out, then moved up, and straddled his face ‘Lick it …’ I told him. He kissed and licked my wet pussy, and then got his tongue inside ‘Harder …’ I said ‘Harder …’


I snuggled up to him.

          ‘That was nice …’ I said.

          ‘Have you ever done it with a girl? Jack asked

          ‘Just once …’ I said ‘When I was twelve … ‘

          ‘How did that happen?’ he asked.       


 ... she was Indian … eighteen … very beautiful …  it started because it was too hot and a power-cut had stopped the air-conditioning … she took off her top … no bra … and started to wipe off sweat with her hand … and she saw I was looking and asked if watching her excited me … I said yes it did … very much … she asked me if I had ever had sex with a woman … or even touched another woman’s body … intimately … no … I said … then she asked if I masturbated … no. … I said … then she asked if I wanted her to show me how … I said yes …. she told me to watch her first … then we would do it together … she lay on her back … took her pants off … pulled up this really sexy short skirt … and asked me if I liked what I saw … she was beautiful … long legs … neat waist … I just smiled … I was nervous … but kind of excited … turned on … and asked her to go ahead and show me what she did … she used her middle finger … delicately at first … moving it really slow on the outside of her lips … smiling at me … I was sitting at her feet … and she spread her legs so I could see more … really wide … and then started moving her finger deeper … then two fingers … wow … she was so sexy … going faster and faster … moaning in the back of her throat … then she slowed … stopped … smiling … and told me to take off my panties and bra and come lay beside her … I was so turned on I don’t even remember taking them off … but … suddenly … I was lying beside her … kissing her … touching her … I went slow at first as she had … not quite sure exactly what to do … and then she took hold of my hand and guided me … kissing me … and then we seemed to just take off … fingering and kissing each other … it just seemed so natural … and we kissed …  all over each other’s bodies … kissing my neck … my shoulders … my breasts … thighs … then she spread my legs and started  licking me … it was beautiful … ecstatic … I had an orgasm … the first I’d ever had …it was like something exploded inside me … not once but three or four times … and it seemed to go on … and on … she told me I was beautiful … I told her the same … I started kissing her cute hard little breast … then sucked the nipple … she moaned and asked me to bite it … then squeeze it hard … hurt her a little … she groaned, then started kissing me again … all the way down … I spread my legs and she slipped her tongue inside … she used her fingers and her tongue … and I had another orgasm …then I went down on her … she was very wet … tasted really nice  … then we just lay together … cuddling for a long time … saying nothing … then we showered together … fingered each other … went down on each other … and lay on the bed … wet … and then did the whole thing all over again …  


            ‘How old were you, the first time …’ he asked.


 ...  I was nine ... dad started playing with me ... kissing ... touching ...  I liked it ... a lot … and started sucking him ... when I was ten ... he fucked my ass ...   when I was eleven ... he managed to get inside me ... that’s when he started giving me money ... just a little ... at first ... it excited him ... and pleased me ... I started telling him how much it would cost him ... and for what ... then after my first period we stopped … he was worried about making me pregnant ... and he couldn’t wear a condom ...’     


           ‘Then?’ he asked.

           ‘It was just very natural after that …’ I said ‘When I was thirteen I’d fucked half the boys in school …’  


We made love the rest of the afternoon, in the Royal bed, on the luxurious carpet, against the red and gold wall, and in the bathroom that still had the Royal Insignia, and then we showered, had a very late lunch, served in the room by two waiters, with a complimentary bottle of the best Champagne, in a highly polished metal bucket overflowing with ice.

           We touched glasses.

          ‘To us …’ I said.

           Jack grinned.

          ‘And a million dollars …’ he said.




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